About the Owner

Paul Carey - Owner of DMV Electrical Professionals

At the age of 16 I knew I needed to find something I was passionate about. That's where my love for cars came in, I signed up for Lincoln Tech to work in the automotive field and completely excelled in my class. I received many ASE certifications along the way. My first certification i ever received was for electrical trouble shooting and repair. 

I soon realized I had a natural talent and understanding of electrical theory. I decided I wanted to specialize in electrical diagnosis and electrical troubleshooting. I had many accomplishments during my career such as set up & managing a project for extreme home makeovers with Tyler Perry on national television. Even after completing a project of that magnitude, l felt like I wasn't in the right

I knew it was time to make a change and go back to what I loved the most, Electricity.

I applied to the local union 26 apprenticeship programs which happened to be rated one of the top electrical schools in the nation. I was accepted and during my time as a apprentice I had the privilege of working on some of the biggest and most technical electrical projects in the nation. All my hard work paid off I graduated top of my class with honors at a 95% average and finished 5th out of 600